Things You Might Not Have Known About Sprinkler Systems

You may never experience an office fire, but it still never hurts to have a reliable sprinkler system installed. There are some common misconceptions regarding sprinklers worth clearing up first, however.

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Your Electrical Equipment is (Likely) Not at Risk

If you’re worried that water from sprinklers may damage your tech, including your computer, worry not. Sprinkler systems are designed to detect dangerous fires as quickly as possible and consequently, use very little water to quell the flames. A few things might get wet if directly underneath a sprinkler, but likely not enough to destroy them.

They Won’t Flood Your Office

Ignore the movies: the chances of every sprinkler head in the room going off to contain a localized fire aren’t very high. Only the closest heads to the fire will activate, and briefly, at that. Don’t worry about there not being “enough” water in the heads to turn off the fire, either, as Tufts University states that the average quick-response sprinkler emits 8 to 24 gallons of water per minute—more than enough to splash any flame into nothing.

There Are Multiple Kinds of Sprinkler Systems (And Not All Release Water)

As effective as sprinklers are in general, there isn’t a one-size fits all system out there. Thankfully, there are enough options out there that makes tailoring sprinkler systems to a workplace’s needs easy. If you work in locations where the chances of a fire aren’t exactly low, try deluge sprinkler systems, whose open nozzles are great for handling fire hazards across large areas. If you need a sprinkler in an area prone to freezing (e.g. a commercial freezer), however, consider a dry sprinkler system, which shoots out nitrogen and air, instead of water. Research sprinkler installer professionals in your area to see their options, and if you’re looking for something specific, e.g. dry sprinkler systems Dutchess County, NY, try a common search engine and web sites like Angie’s List.

So the next time you see a sprinkler overhead, worry not: chances are it’s been selected with maximum efficiency and minimum damage to your things in mind.