3 Great Gifts for Women Who Love Firearms

Some women collect and discharge firearms as a hobby, especially those who love to hunt or protect their families from potentially dangerous situations. If a woman loves her firearms, yet is normally difficult to shop for, there are quite a few wonderful gifts that she would love to have.

Collectible Firearms

For an individual who already loves to collect guns, what could possibly be better than a collectible firearm as a gift? These firearms might be limited editions in a variety of colors and skins, or they could be antique pieces that may or may not work. In short, any firearm would make a good gift; a unique, collectible piece would be a great gift.

Concealment Clothing

Clothing is always an excellent, practical gift. Concealed clothing is a good consideration when firearms are important to the recipient. Concealed carry shorts are a better option for the warmer months of the year, in contrast to the traditional jackets that are worn during cooler seasons.

Safes & Lock Boxes

Safes and lock boxes are a necessary part of gun ownership. As a collection grows, more storage is needed. Additional lock boxes are always great to have, as they can be kept in vehicles, workshops, barns, relatives’ homes, and many other places where the gun owner might frequent. To make the gift a little more unique and personal, try having it engraved with names, quotes, sayings, or small images.


New targets are always fun to aim at. For hunters, targets might include decoy style animals, torsos, standard printed sheets, or even fun recreational targets. If possible, try to identify the individual’s favorite wild game in order to find a gift that would be closely related.

There is a lot of merchandise on the market that specifically caters to gun enthusiasts and hunters. While some women can be a bit difficult to shop for, there are many practical gifts available that aren’t just fun or pretty to look at; they are
also useful and functional.