Cultural aspects

If there’s one city on earth that every person should visit at least once, it’s New York. New York has an energy that’s utterly unique, and it’s enough to blast a fiery, sparkling rocket off half way to the moon. New York is a magnet for talent of all kinds, which is part of what makes it such an exciting place. The greatest singers, dancers, writers, jugglers, fire walkers and what-have-you all come to this city to make it big, and to this day, plenty of them do.

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New York is a place where you can find yourself (if you still don’t know who you are) and you can also find things you didn’t know you needed. You can find a notary public in nyc and find bookstores that cater to the most eclectic tastes in the world. You can take in one of the greatest opera performances in the world, get one of the best pieces of pizza anywhere, and then turn around and see Bette Midler in “Hello, Dolly!” All in one day!

New York Culture

Anyone who heads to New York should definitely spend time at some of the city’s great museums. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has an incredible collection of classical art on display, and also has amazing exhibits of great architecture, and a breaktaking collection of Egyptian mummies, in an exhibit called “The Temple of Dendur.” Modern art enthusiasts should head to the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) and also visit The Whitney Museum, which has many amazing exhibits of modern art. After taking in all of this amazing culture, it’s smart to head out and get a bite. In New York, you can choose between fine cuisine from every culture in the world, or simply head to  a hotdog cart near Central Park and get a tasty bite for just a few dollars.

No doubt, Paris, London and Rome all have their allure, but for a dazzling time in a city that’s like no other, head to New York, “The Big Apple!”