How a Compressed Air Filter System Works

Compressed air is simply air that is compressed. To keep the air compressed, it is held in some type of tank that holds the air under great pressure. A compressed air system is essential for many industrial processes and is also commonly used to power hand tools such as nail guns and drills. Compressed air is full of dirt and other particles, especially when used in industrial settings. To keep those particles from being released into the air each time the air is used, a filter is necessary.

How Compressed Air Filters Work

Donaldson compressed air filters work by forcing the air through a small mesh component. The mesh absorbs larger particles during this initial stage of filtration and the water particles form into larger drops that are separated into a chamber. During the second stage, the compressed air is forced to pass slowly through a filter pad. At this point in the process, almost all water droplets fall through the drainage system and are expelled, along with undesirable particles of dirt, oil and other contaminants. The final stage of the process sends the air through cotton fibers and accelerates it to provide the desired level of power.

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Why It’s Important to Filter Compressed Air

If you’re using compressed air for production processes, it’s vitally important to make sure it’s properly filtered. There are many different contaminants and components that can be found in compressed air, including micro-organisms, dirt, oil and water. If any of these come into contact with your finished product, you face an increased risk of costly rejection. It’s important to invest in quality air filter and have it changed as frequently as directed in the manufacturer’s instructions if you want to turn out quality, uncontaminated products.

Types of Filters

There are several different air filters types from which you can choose, including coalescing, cold coalescing, particulate, compressed intake and activated carbon. Select the type that meets your needs most closely.