Reasons Behind Common Problems in Automatic PDF Translations

PDF is a very handy format for different occasions. This is easy to share, simple, and has a visual format. This is also a great format for many things such as factsheets, presentations, eBooks, articles, manuals, and others.

Every PDF document has its own layout with various types of charts, tables, and images. Many of you probably know how simple and sophisticated it is to read a PDF format document even if the content itself is very complicated.

From a technical point of view, it is definitely a huge challenge to deal with PDF. It is why there are a lot of problems associated with automatic PDF translation. The most common reasons for less than stellar PDF translation include the following:

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Text in PDF File is an Image

When you try to translate a PDF document yet nothing is happening, the issue is probably because of images. A PDF file can have many images and these images may contain text inside. Similarly, a PDF document scanned from its hard copy can also be regarded as one big image. Sadly, automatic translators don’t have the ability to read text in visual elements such as charts or images.

Text in PDF File is Written Using Difficult Font Type

The font type is probably the reason why the pasted text ends up looking weird when you try the copy and paste method. It means that even when the PDF document is of high quality with real text, the document will still not translate properly. There are font types encoded in complicated way in the PDF file so automatic translators will not be able to understand the text. As expected, PDF translators cannot translate text that it cannot understand in the first place.

PDF Document is Locked 

PDF documents can be secured. The copyright owner naturally has the right of securing the document and locking it to prevent misuse of information. When the document is secured, you will not be able to choose any text in the document so it cannot be automatically translated as well.

Protranslate PDF document translator can help you get rid of these problems to ensure that you can get the translations you need in no time.