Stay Protected with Concealed Carry Garments for Women

Whether you lie in a large city or a rural part of the country, protecting yourself from danger is an essential priority. If you have a concealed carry permit, there are many ways you can carry your handgun safely and discreetly. Special garments made just for women offer a functional, easy way to stay subtle while safe and confident.

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Purses Keep Your Firearm Close at Hand

Look for special purses that contain secret pockets where you can securely stash your handgun. Many versions also contain zippers with a lock to ensure that children or potential criminals cannot gain access to your firearm from the purse. These handbags are both highly functional, as well as stylish to match almost any ensemble.

Try Leggings and Tank Tops for Excellent Concealment

Lightweight and comfortable, special leggings are a viable option for busy women who enjoy jogging or working out. Tank tops are also an excellent option, and both include special holsters built into the material so you can slide your gun in, cover them with other clothing, and go. These concealed carry options for women make keeping your handgun secure yet nearby both comfortable and easy.

Try Jackets or Vests for Cold Weather Concealment

When winter comes, you’ll most likely already in the market for new outerwear. If you want to carry your gun along, try comfortable and warm vests or jackets. Roomy interior pockets offer a place to stash a number of handgun models and many styles also feature locking zippers, much like their handbag counterparts. This ensures that your gun stays secure when you hang your coat up in a public setting or even while at home. Consider a warm jacket or vest this winter that gives you a place to keep your gun nicely hidden.

Belts and Hip Huggers Provide Versatility

If you’re looking for something a bit more versatile, try a conceal carry belt or hip hugger. Designed to fit neatly around your waist, these accessories are extremely flexible and can easily be hidden under almost any type of clothing. They’re also a good option if you’d like to have something extremely close to you at all times for easy access.

There are a plethora of options available to women today who want to keep their handguns discreet and near them at all times. Whether you chose athletic wear, a purse, or a jacket, these options provide you with the flexibility and peace of mind you need to go out into the world in confidence.