The CIA Triad

There was a time during the earliest days of computers that components like hard drives and portable storage devices were simply thrown in the trash like everything else. There was little thought given in doing this. The technology was so new and clunky that it was more work to retrieve it for malicious activities. Today, that is not the case.

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The CIA Triad

In today’s world of big data, throwing these items into the trash receptacle is not only environmentally incorrect but also an invitation for those with malicious intent to retrieve confidential and personal information. This goes against the CIA Triad.

The CIA here is not the intelligence agency. Rather, it represents Confidentiality, Integrity, and Accountability — the three tenets of a secure workplace. Adhering to the CIA Triad mitigates the chances of confidential business data and Personal Identification Information (PII) from being hijacked.

Data Destruction via ITAD

One of the ways companies do this is through IT Asset Disposition (ITAD). These organizations – Greentec is an example — are created to dispose of obsolete or unwanted equipment in a safe and ecologically-responsible manner. In addition, they certified the destruction data on that equipment.

There are at least two ways they do this. First, the completely wipe any data from drives, portable storage, smart devices, and other electronic equipment. When the process is complete, they either return the clean products to the business or destroy them.

This is the second way they destroy data. Using an industrial shredder, they cut the electronics into tiny fractions that can’t be put together again. The same thing is done for confidential documents. Instead of breaking them into long threads, these shredders turn them into something smaller than confetti. When done, these companies report the details of the destruction for certification.

Combined, the CIA Triad and ITAD businesses reduce the risk of data manipulation by those who do not have the permission to review the material. Ask companies you work with about their own ITAD requirements. If properly done, it will maintain your beliefs in the organization.

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