What is a Bail Bondsman?

Almost everyone knows that bail is an amount that is set by the court when someone is arrested. However, do you know what services a bail agent provides? A bail bondsman offers a way for people without the resources to post bail the opportunity to be released while awaiting court appearances.

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Are Bail Agents Licensed?

People cannot just decide to become a bail bondsman. There are a number of requirements, such as graduating from high school or obtaining a GED. Additionally, they must pass certain exams and have the credit with a surety company to cover bail amounts. Then they must be licensed in the area where they will provide bail. A company that offers bail bonds arapahoe county colorado is ABC Bail Bonds.

Bail agents generally work day and night, since people are arrested at all hours. A bondsman charges a percentage of the amount of bail that is set. This is usually ten percent, but may include other fees. When the person who was arrested or the defendant shows up for all of their court appearances, the amount a bondsman puts up to secure their release is returned to them. However, the amount they charge the defendant is not returned. This amount is regulated by the insurance board in the state where the bondsman works.

Being a Bondsman Comes With Risk

A bondsman provides a valuable service to people who would otherwise have to remain in jail until their court appearance. They can provide them with the opportunity to keep their job, return to family, and seek the services of a lawyer to help them fight the charges against them. There are certain risks they face, because sometimes people decide not to go to court and they simply disappear. In this instance, the bondsman loses the money they put up to secure the defendant’s release.

When this happens, most bondsmen will hire someone to help them find the defendant. Although not all states permit bounty hunters, some do allow this method for finding people who skip out on bail. When a defendant does not show up for their court appearance without good cause, the judge will issue a bench warrant for their arrest.