Vivaldi 2.4 Update Brings Toolbar Customisation, Multiple User Profiles, Built-In Calculator, and More

Vivaldi 2.4 Update Brings Toolbar Customisation, Multiple User Profiles, Built-In Calculator, and More


Vivaldi 2.4 is here. The Vivaldi browser’s latest update brings a slew of tweaks and improvements, including the support for deep customisation in toolbars. The browser’s version 2.4 also adds the ability to move or hide buttons between select toolbars. There’s also a change in how users manage and access bookmarks, and the company has thrown multiple user profiles into the mix as well. Additionally, Vivaldi 2.4 gets a built-in calculator. Read on for the details about the new features that have been introduced in the Vivaldi 2.4 update.

Toolbar customisation in Vivaldi 2.4

The new browser update brings the ability to configure toolbars based on frequent usage and browsing needs. The users can also move buttons between address and status toolbars, which means they can now place the tab tiling, image capture, and reload buttons in any place they prefer.

To move buttons from one toolbar to another, hold Shift while dragging a button and then move them around the address and status toolbars. To reset the toolbars back to their default state, right-click and select “Reset Toolbar to Default”. Or head to Settings >Appearance >Window Appearance >Toolbar Customizations and click on “Reset Toolbar”.

Upgraded Bookmarks bar and multiple user profiles

Bookmarks bar gets the ability to make folders for related sites. The tabs will be added to a date stamped folder, which the users can manage via the bookmark manager. Vivaldi 2.4 also adds context menu support inside folders for Windows and Linux users.

Vivaldi 2.4 also brings support for multiple user profiles. Each user can customise their browser and configure it as per their needs. Each profile can have its theme, toolbar customisation, gestures, and keyboard shortcuts. To switch between profiles, the users can click on the Profile button in the Address Bar.

Built-in Calculator and other improvements

As mentioned earlier, Vivaldi 2.4 includes a built-in calculator to Quick Commands. To use the calculator, press F2, enter the equation and press Enter. The result will be automatically copied to the clipboard. Other changes that have been introduced include more control of Tab Stack creation, the ability to rename a Tab Stack with a double click, and ability to open search results in a background tab.

“Our goal has always been to make Vivaldi the most customizable browser available. Today’s update is another big step in that direction so that users can get more done with less effort, in the most intuitive and creative way possible,” Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Vivaldi, said in a statement.